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  1. asides

    • aside的名詞複數
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    • look aside 的中文意思

      Lookaside(look-aside) :後備 (電腦術語) lookaside buffer(Network Terminology):後備緩衝區... Terminology ) 後備介面 (電腦術語) e.g. The Look-Aside Interface is a computer interface that was specified...

    • as an aside

      To me, as an aside means similar to "順帶一提"... for example, "I am...the water ride, which caused two injuries last year. As an aside, the water ride has been traditionally the most popular ride among the ...

    • aside

      1.請別人走路靠邊可以用Please walk on the sidewalk 並沒有Walk aside 的用法喔 2. 走路不要擋到別人可以用please don't stand in other's way 也沒有這樣的用法的喔 希望有幫到你,我目前是在美國留學,英文還算不錯����