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    • zhuyin[ㄩㄝ]
    • pinyin[yue]
    • to make an appointment; to arrange; to date;to ask or invite in advance
    • 釋義
    • 相關詞
    • 1. to make an appointment; to arrange; to date
    • 2. to ask or invite in advance
    • 3. a pact; an agreement; a treaty; a contract; an appointment
    • 4. to restrict; to restrain; to bind
    • 5. economical; frugal
    • 6. simple; brief
    • 7. about; around; approximately; estimated
    • 8. [Mathematics] reduction of a fraction
    • to ask about; to inquire for; to inquire after; to query; to question

    • to ask about

    • to make inquiries (as about prices or the situation); to show interest

    • to make cautious inquires about

    • to ask about something one already knows

    • to inquire (about); to ask

    • to take the trouble to make detailed inquiries; to ask many questions about other people's affairs; to be inquisitive

    • to make inquiry about; to ask about; to see about; to interfere with; to care; to show concern

    • solely engrossed in one thing

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  1. 知識+

    • Tom asked about my new job. 為什

      ...的意思是 Tom問起我的新工作 只有三種寫法 Tom is asking my new job Tom正問起我的新工作 Tom was asking...

    • Like I ask about your son.

      直翻是"就像我問你兒子一樣" 因為有固定的上文,所以可以把動詞放到前面 Like指"就像"、"像"是一種可以修飾動詞的詞性。 2014-06-01 14:13:56 補充: L大寫是因為句首固定要大寫 那為甚麼I要大寫的話...因為是主詞

    • 文法 ask hear dream think

      ... ask you to excuse me 我請求你的原諒 ask about(詢問) Ask (him) about the watch you lost... sth (夢見某事或做某事) I deramt about/of flying last night 昨晚我夢見我在飛翔...