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    • 貿易英文翻義(尼龍內衣還價)

      ... thanks for your letter of May 18. in which you ask us for a keener price for our pattern 102. Much as we should like to help you in the market you mention in your letter, we do not...

    • 債券評價的英文翻譯

      ...補充: ask也有索求、要價的意思, 根據Merriam-Webster的解釋, ask可以當作"to set as a price", 也就是將某物定價。 若您在WSJ或FT上看到匯率或其他金融...

    • 請幫看purchase mail文法或句子是否有問題

      ... kindly inform us if the term of net 30 days would be avaible if a price change is possible. We highly appreciate your time and ...