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    • 火箭隊臺詞的英譯版為何?

      既然我誠心誠意地發問了 Now that you ask me earnestly and sincerely我就大發慈悲的告訴你 Now I answer you mercifully 為了防止...

    • 急件~~~需要英文達人幫忙翻英文履歷自傳..

      ...will work hard and learn humbly in this position to improve my capibility. I ask earnestly for the opportunity to have an interview, so I can be of service for your...

    • 幫我 翻譯英文【急】~~~~~~~~><///

      首先,這是一封詐騙的 email, 不用理會! 他假借銀行軟體升級,然後要你確認私人資料及信用卡號碼,當然你不是Charter One Bank的存戶. 它給你的連結連按都不要按,不用理它,直接送垃圾桶.