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  1. ask for

    • vt.
      要求;求見; 說要去
    • 釋義


    • 1. 要求 to be asking for it or trouble 自找麻煩
    • 2. 求見; 說要去 when you get on the bus, ask for the second-last stop 你上了公交車之後,就說你要在倒數第二站下車
  2. 知識+

    • ask of~ 跟 ask for~

      ask人 用of 或for 分別代表什麼意義? 1. ask SB for Sth: 向某人要求(要拿到)某事物;所以for... for clarification. (要求他做澄清、進一步說明) 2. ask Sb of Sth :向某人詢問有關於某人...

    • 冠詞的問題,Asking for a Raise為何要加 a

      Asking for a Raise - 在此 raise 是當名詞(加薪),所以它需要加上冠詞,若用別的字你就不會覺得怪了,如: Asking for an information, asking for a coffee, asking for a favor 因Raise...

    • why ” asking”?

      Asking for a chage是把現在分詞當形容詞,用來修飾主詞 they,換個簡單的例子給你參考...改寫成: With hats in hands, they went to her and asked for a change. (如果是要換零錢,應該是 asked for change) As for...