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    I used to ask him a lot of questions

    • ph.
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    • ph. 我問過他好多問題

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    • 詢問to跟of的詳細用法?

      這句話是說:你可能也問了跟你的拉丁美洲朋友相同的問題. ask similar questions of your Latin American friends 用 "of"...

    • 英文-ask/of

      1. I will ask Tony a question. = I will ask a question of Tony. 解: 這是一個句型----- ask + 某人 + 某事 == ask + 某事 of + 某人...

    • Ask a question to/of you

      問你一個問題是: Ask you a question ask a question of you = 問一個關於你的問題