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  1. who to ask

    • ph.
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    • 1. 該問誰 He lost his way and didn't know who to ask. 他迷路了, 不知道該問誰。
    • ph.


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    • 文法 ask hear dream think

      ask to (請求)後面當然加動詞原形 I ask you to excuse me 我請求你的原諒 ask about(詢問...考慮) There are so many things to think of before we decide. 我們要多方面的考量才能作決定...

    • 請問這樣的句子對嗎?I asked to refund...

      I asked to refund for the shirt that I had ordered on...線上訂購的那件襯衫退款. 2010-05-31 22:31:37 補充: I asked to refund... <--- 退錢的是" I ", 錯誤...

    • ask toask for

      ask somebody to 原形動詞 ask somebody for 名詞或動名詞