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  1. assault course


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    • 急! 教育專業術語翻譯20點^^

      ... 3.Various types of propaganda: sexual harassment, sexual assault advocacy, children less protection advocacy, and dropout prevention advocacy... Week, friendly campus plan, 3Q up competition, a winner of course grade

    • 演講比賽用-反毒講稿

      ...drug has played a role in theft, robbery,burglary,assault,and prostitution. It is exhausting ... into the curriculums as a mandatory course. The key is to start teaching the ...

    • 請求幫把英文資料(ward半頁)翻譯成中文

      婦女的聯合行動 在幾乎二和半歲月中從Tailhook'91, 許多婦女的組織公開地抗議了攻擊反對發生在這和早先Tailhook 大會期間的婦女。一個這樣的組織是婦女的行動Coalition(WAC) 。WAC 和' ' 婦女的一個開放聯盟做對直接行動關於問題影響所有...