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  1. assemblages

    • assemblage的名詞複數
  2. 知識+

    • 水墨畫題目檢查英文翻譯

      緣聚 Assemblage / gathering by fate 鳩鳴不已 Chirping with no end / endless ...

    • 想請問一篇PAPER翻譯

      Mapping the Play of organizational Identity inforeign Market Adaptation描繪組織認同在國外市場適應中之競爭organizational identity 組織認同organizational assemblage 組織組合 heterogeneous assemblage 異質組合

    • 熱帶雨林的短文(英文)

      ...). In its place will likely grow a low-species- diversity assemblage of organisms that will eventually deplete the landscape of nutrients and...