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  1. assemble

    • IPA[əˈsembəl]


    • v.
      (of people) gather together in one place for a common purpose;bring (people or things) together for a common purpose
    • verb: assemble, 3rd person present: assembles, gerund or present participle: assembling, past tense: assembled, past participle: assembled

    • noun: assembling

    • 釋義
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    • n.
      a leap in which the feet are brought together before landing.

    Oxford Dictionary

    • v.
      (of a ribosome, virus, or other body) form spontaneously in a medium containing the appropriate ... in water, the molecules self-assemble into soluble particles the hybrid virus self-assembles

    Oxford American Dictionary

    • v.
      construct an object, especially a piece of furniture, from materials sold in kit form: we offer a factory assembly service for customers not wishing to self-assemble I self-assembled the shed following the instructions

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • IPA[əˈsɛmb(ə)l]


    • v.
      (of people) gather together in one place for a common purpose: a crowd had assembled outside the gates

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • Assembled computer and tested

      ...標題一樣,簡介公司產品。 (我們提供) 組裝好的電腦和通過檢驗的產品品質。 assembled 和 tested 都是p.p. 做為形容詞 (組裝好的;通過測試的) 2012-06-03 22...

    • install 和 assemble 的解釋

      install的意思是指:某種設備或機器的安裝或裝設固定完成(例如架設衛星天線) assemble的意思是指:某種個體器具的組裝合體(例如一台腳踏車,從整台齊全的各個零件準備,到整台車完全的〝組裝〞完成)

    • 給你英單,你再來造句吧!(20點)

      12.assemble---->I didn't catch what it said in the manual. So could you give me a hand to assemble this machine for me?(我看不懂手冊在寫什麼,所以你可以幫忙我組裝這個...