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  1. assert oneself


    • ph.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 堅持自己的權利;顯示自己的權威(或威力) The laws of historical development will assert themselves. 歷史發展的規律是不可抗拒的。
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      ... not mean that he plays office politics. Of course, in the process of asserting oneself, conflict is likely to occur. So, there might be some hints on physical...

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      ... it part in the course of 並且改變自己讓自己不再像以前那樣子了:both assert oneself about-face adapt to no about as afore as fashion 相信我我會成功的:My liable...

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      你可以把這句拆成: They are the ones who assert something. That something is: a better bridge could have been...