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  1. asset-backed

    • adj.
      denoting securities having as collateral the return on a series of mortgages, credit agreements, or other forms of lending.
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    • 多益改錯題以及翻譯

      ...the economy have been found through the creative (C) use of old assets brought back (D) in idleness and decay. 這句話就我來看是介系詞的錯用,而介系詞的...

    • 固定收益商品的英文翻譯

      ...貸款證券化證券,backed並未直接譯出。 Comments: *MBS為Asset Backed Securities(證券化商品)的一種,backed本身有擔保、支持的意思...

    • lose the shirt off my back ???

      ...39;s shirt 輸得精光Fig. to lose a lot of money; to lose all of one's assets (as if one had even lost one's shirt). I give someone the shirt off one's back 為某人兩臂插刀Fig. to give anything that is asked for, no matter...