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    • 以下職稱要如何翻譯成英文呢??

      ... assistant to the GM 資深副總 = Senior VP 助理副總 = Assistant VP 執行長= CEO 事業群總經理 = Business Group General Manager 協理 = Chief Manager 資深經理 = Senior Manager 經理...

    • 關於部門英文名稱翻譯

      The president is concurrently the general manager Produce department deputy assistant manager {Production department deputy assistant...administrative office with help The lesson of the general management is long {The lesson of...

    • 很急啦!職位翻譯成英文((要100%絕對正確))

      技術部 Technical department 副總經理 Deputy general manager 協理 Assistant manager 超能 Ultra energy 環保 Environmental...