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  1. assume

    • IPA[əˈsjuːm]



    • vt.
      假定;獲得; 承擔; 擔任
    • 過去式:assumed 過去分詞:assumed 現在分詞:assuming

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 假定 I assumed him to be French 我把他當成了法國人 tomorrow, I assume 我想是明天
    • 2. 獲得; 承擔; 擔任 to assume office 就職
    • 3. 裝出 assumed innocence/indifference 假裝的清白無辜/滿不在乎
    • 4. 呈現; 露出
    • 5. 換用


    1. suppose to be the case, without proof

    2. take or begin to have (power or responsibility)

    3. seize (power or control)

    4. begin to have (a specified quality, appearance, or extent)

    5. take on or adopt (a manner or identity), sometimes falsely

  2. 知識+

    • if 和 assuming that

      Let's assume [=suppose] (that) she rejects your invitation. What will you do then...what will you do? [=what will you do if she rejects your invitation?] ▪assuming that不能換成 assume that?可以的,以下就有例句Assume that I'm...

    • 英文 assume 和 pretend 有什麼差別??

      要看英英解釋才能透澈明白字的用法: If you assume that something is true, you imagine that it is true, sometimes wrongly. (如果...

    • presume, assume有何不同

      ...on the evidences, the judge presumed that he was the killer. assume比較武斷, 通常也比較主觀, 例如 I assumed that he killed...