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    • 急~~15點~~請問這兩句英文的中文意思是??

      ...透過推敲,達到翻譯信達雅的程度 提供給大大參考 1.Astronauts live and work in small, tight spaces, and they must...2.In addition, long periods away from family and friends can leave space travelers...

    • 這段話英文要怎麼翻比較好呢?

      43% of the CEOs in the US are the first child in the family. Among the first group of astronauts at NASA, 91% of them are the first child in their...

    • 有關英文的重要文法問題

      ... from floating around. Also,astronauts have to recycle water every day because it is hard to...the time, they read,exercise,or even talk to their family. During their stay, they have three ...