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  1. at a disadvantage

    • ph.
      in an unfavorable position relative to someone or something else
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    • 請問一題英文問題(營41閱1-2)

      ... that this puts them at a disadvantage when compared to schoolchildren in...08:58:33 補充: 所以this puts them at a disadvantage 這組字詞中,this是指don’t spend enough time...

    • 兩題英文介係詞問題

      ...反應4 expressing a particular state or condition : placed them at a serious disadvantage | the coroner accepted that the machines were at fault.• ...

    • Our customer was under 麻煩英翻中

      .... 我們的客戶認為是在多倫多船上交貨。 This puts us at a disadvantage since we were given pricing FOB Taiwan. 自從...