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  1. at a time


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    • 1. 每次;一次 Take three pills at a time. 每次服三粒。
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    • at a timeat the same time?

      1. You use at a time after an amount to say how many things or how much...set out to come up with a different sound for each album. At the same time, I do have a sense of what is right for the moment.(此外) 4...

    • 一個英文小疑問at a time V.S. once

      ...在這個意義上,我們可以說: You had better do one task at a time. = You had better do one task at one time. = You ...

    • 這兩句英文怎麼翻譯比較好呢?

      這兩句英文怎麼翻譯比較好呢?Obesity happens one pound at a time.So does preventing it. 翻成 肥胖發生的非常迅速,快預防...