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  1. at any rate


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    • 1. 無論如何;至少 At any rate, the medical supplies will reach you within a week. 無論如何,醫療用品將於一星期內運到你那裡。
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    • In any case、 at all costs.的差別?

      at all costs 與 at any rate是最嚴謹標準下的同義詞,意為「不計任何代價也要...」。 at all events...

    • Whatever

      無論如何的意思... however; anyhow; in any case; at any rate; at any price; at all costs; whatever happens; at all events; for all the world; for any sake; for anything; on all (or every) account(s); by any means; whether or no

    • ”無論如何先肯定自己”的英文該如何翻譯

      "無論如何先肯定自己" At any rate, you have to learn to recognize yourself first. 圖片參考: 以上,供您參考 !