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  1. at ease

    • free from worry or awkwardness; relaxed
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    • 問一句英文片語

      to put one's nerves at ease: 使...不緊張; 使...鬆了一口氣; 使...安心 The doctor answered all...派對的主持人友善的歡迎我, 讓我安心不少. 也可以用: to put one's mind at ease

    • 請問「隨遇而安」的英文怎麼寫?

      ...環境。 英文Translation: 1. (able to) be at ease with one’s current situation. 2. (able to) reconcile...state of emergency, never allowing yourself to be at ease with your current situation. http://www.stpauls...

    • [高中英文大滿貫] 3冊 克漏試題A(須解析)

      1.此題選C,ill at ease 是心神不寧;不安的意思 Shy people feel nervous and ill at ease 害羞的人...with ease是簡單;容易 (D) in ease是安逸;輕鬆 ex:They live in ease.他們過著安逸的生活 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2...