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  1. at first


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    • 1. 起先 At first I didn't know what had happened. 起先我不知道發生了什麼事。
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    • 英翻中(At first......)

      我覺得你這一句文法有問題耶?! 應該是At first, she had difficulty understanding...如果真的要用keeping的話,就要用 At first, she had difficulty understanding...

    • 請問at one point怎麼翻

      At one point I liked you. 如果不看前後文, 這句話有兩種可能的意思...

    • 請問「at first blush」等英文片語的正確意思?

      at first blush: 乍看,初見(n.) be at one's...for something)或想報復某人(to get back at someone) 例句:He has an...我惹火了。】 to give someone a piece of one's mind:把某人臭罵了一頓或直接向...