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  1. at high pressure

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      緊張地, 使勁地
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    • 1. 緊張地, 使勁地 Sometimes he had to work at high pressure. 有時候他必須使勁地工作。
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      ... range, the contact closes at low pressure low levand opens at high pressure high leve If the contact B2 is closed and contact ...

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      ...analyte, stationary phase and mobile phase composition. The time at which a specific analyte elutes (comes out of the...characteristic of a given analyte. The use of pressure increases the linear velocity (speed) giving the...

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      ... 15分在溫度在18 和22 之間控制。 After application of pressure, the high pressure treated samples were kept at refrigerator temperature (4 °C), room temperature (20 °C) and at 30 °C...