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  1. at high prices

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    • 1. (以)高價 Rare books are usually sold at high prices. 珍本書通常以高價賣出。



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    • 高價賣出的英文?

      ... the fruits of his labor by selling paintings at very high prices. 價格有高有低, 但一旦確定了, 它就是一個點, 所以用at. 這個at是介系詞的...

    • 英文限定非限定用法

      ...說明", 所以不寫出來也無妨. The painting which you bought at a high price last week is a fake. 你上週以高價購入的那幅畫是贗品. (可能還有其他...

    • 四選一選擇題:X大X學生英文考題

      We sold the house ___ high price in the slow market. (A) at a considerably (B) to be considered (C) in considering...