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  1. at long last

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    • 1. (經過種種延誤或努力等)終於 At long last a compromise was agreed on. 通過互讓最終達成折衷協議。
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    • 中翻英~急需>”<~(150字以上,別線上翻譯)Orz

      ..., there emerged a fair weather at long last after rainy day for one week, if I generally take the... want the result to be fairly not bad, unless end on at long last it is satisfactory since it is, afternoon,bell...

    • 請問關於at last擺前或擺後的問題?

      at last or at long last : at the end of a period of time. : = finally 事實上在此句中把at last放在句首或...如果版大想強調的是經過"種種延誤或努力後"John好不容易才到達(即 at last之意), 那把at last放在句首在修辭上會比較有力量些.

    • last的詞性和意思

      ... last. 最後的人或事物。 片語: at last 最後;終於;總算。 at long last (幾經波折)終於。 breathe one's last 死。 see the last of 看...