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    • 英文造句及文章翻譯

      ...smoothly. 在這祝福大家有夢最美. There is the most beautiful dream at this wish everyone. 築夢踏實 . Build dream dependably. 希望這些對你有幫助...

    • 造句中翻英3句(按照前面造句翻譯)

      ... did during my winter vacation is that I slept at three (o'clock) in the morning and woke up at three (o'clock) in the afternoon...

    • 英 文 造 句(急)拜託

      ...difference between an experienced teacher and a new teacher for the students learning English at the kindergarten school. 2009-01-31 16:09:21 補充: *Specifications subject to change without notice, contact his...