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    • U84. most of his time 中文如何翻譯?

      問題一、我的觀念對嗎?「Paul 主詞」+「spends 動詞」+「most of his time 補語」+「 at home. 補語」 A: 應為 「most of his time 受詞片語」+「 at home...

    • most of the time如何翻譯?

      Most of the time,we think that everything in the world we live on should be there. 我們總是...帶領著我們前進。 We will,of course, learn how to stop pollution and at the same time to enjoy our science and technology. 當然我們也會知道...

    • 求一句英文翻譯

      > At a time when most families are getting smaller,some families...