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    • 1. 由褓姆照看 The baby is still at nurse. 這幼兒仍由褓姆照料。
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    • 急 題目 The Nursing Home約50字的英文作文

      ... parents. If you want your parents to live at nursing home happily, I suggest you to search more information before making your...

    • 護生病歷看不懂 救救我

      ... history of hypertension, . type 2m ,old cva and cervical cancer residing . at nursing home care has been suffered of breath . this morning,患有...

    • Biography of Simone的大意

      ... would accept a maternal role in games .. 指When she played at nurses 這種game 也就是角色扮演遊戲 。一般來說,小男生喜歡玩超人打怪獸 ,小女生...