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  1. at odds


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    • 1. 不一致 This action is greatly at odds with his previous attitude. 這一行動與他以往的態度大相徑庭。
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    • 超難的句子,求翻譯和文法解說~~

      ”most at odds with all that is New York.”@@~我看不懂這句耶!天啊 can be said/are that species of performer/ ontologically most at odds/ with all that/is New York. 2005-09-08 19:35:25 補充: 會不會...

    • 英文單字&片語釋義中文----

      ...小。 2. 投注賠率,賭注差額 3. 不和,相爭 She is at odds with her boss. 她與她的老板不和。 4. 區別,差異;差額 It...

    • 英文造句..3句

      1.I aim at the door and throw the ball.(瞄準) 2.I cast the old dool and buy the new one.(拋棄) 3.He is at odds with the new student.(與...不和)