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  1. be at one's ease

    • ph.
      舒適而無憂慮; 完全鬆弛
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    • 1. 舒適而無憂慮; 完全鬆弛 Finish the work at your ease. 你可以從容地把這項工作做完。
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    • 問一句英文片語

      to put one's nerves at ease: 使...不緊張; 使...鬆了一口氣; 使...安心 The doctor answered...的主持人友善的歡迎我, 讓我安心不少. 也可以用: to put one's mind at ease

    • 請問「隨遇而安」的英文怎麼寫?

      ...環境。 英文Translation: 1. (able to) be at ease with ones current situation. 2. (able to) reconcile oneself...補充: I would say that you can use: 4. (able to) feel at ease under all circumstances 7. (able to) feel at ease...

    • 搜尋片語的中文意思和造句 least in order to in trouble in public in turn on business out of question out of fashion with ease with difficulty for fear of in memory of in spite of on behalf of at the age of at the beginning of at the foot of at the end of for the purpose of i...