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  1. at one time


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    • 1. 曾經;一度 At one time they met frequently. 一度他們經常見面。
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    • 一個英文小疑問at a time V.S. once

      at one time, at once 是有 「同時」 的意思。在這個意義上,我們可以說: You... do one task at a time. = You had better do one task at one time. = You had better do one task at once. 你同一時間最好只...

    • at a timeat the same time?

      ...right for the moment.(此外) 4. If you say that something was thecae at one time, you mean that it was the case during a particular period in the past. At...

    • 這兩個用法哪一個對?

      ((在我之前的時間)) at my first time: 不能這樣用~因為人生活在時間裡是一直延續,不能 停下來...會用到 at 的狀態下: 例如=我在看著你=I'm at see you! 是專門用在表示:沒有直接相觸的意思...