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    • present英文問題

      at present 是成語,通常用來表示「此刻...是怎樣。 I don't have a job at present. 目前我沒有工作。 At present the...good politician does not simply look at the present. He looks at the future, too...

    • 請問at present 與 and so on有何不同

      at present 和 recently 就我看來 前者較類似一個"點時間" 就是當下,目前 例如:I dont need it at present. (目前的狀況下不需要) 至於recently 則為一"段時間" I ...

    • 請幫我將中文翻譯成英文~謝謝

      Thank for your letter. We at present have no idea for this. 樓上的寫法有很多錯誤: ...that][+wh-] 3. 認為;把...視為[+that] 把temporarily 與 at present共用是中式英文。一般說來不會一起用。 We do...