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    • 有關"point"和"corner"的英文片語 (急!)

      at some point = at some moment in time that is not made specific指不確定的過去的時間點 At some point I decided she was no longer my friend. at this...

    • 請幫忙英文片語翻譯,謝謝嚕!!!!

      face up to = 面對事實 at some point = 在某些階段/時間 (如at some point in life = 在人生某些階段/時間) result in...

    • 英文讀本之問題

      ...among all of the flood legends suggest a real flood covered the earth at some point long ago. 然而, 其他的人說 因為在所有洪水的傳說之中顯著的相似點 暗示著...