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    • 中文對話翻譯成英文

      ...client waiting so long? You know your job application can be terminated anytime at SOMEONE's pleasure, do you? Where's the contract? 1:這是你的合約。 Here. 3:別跟我說這個人是你...

    • shake hand是什麼意思?

      ... to meet him for a long time. Usage notes: sometimes used as a way to express pleasure at someone's success and often said but not actually done: (感謝之意,常常並沒有實際握手的動作) ...

    • 誰可以幫我改英文作文..要合文法..不能是直接中翻英><

      .... Music makes me FEEL pleasure everyday. SINCE MY LIVE IS... becauseit's the most popular sort of music at the present generation and generally accepted. Most...