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    • pinying[dao4 shi2 hou4]
    • when the moment comes;at that time
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    • 請問一個和how有關的英文問題

      ...英文法法全集>第97頁,時態可以不致的情況。 正確的寫法是可以是下者之一: At that moment I did not realize how foolish it is to say that.(it是代替不定詞...

    • 3題英文文法不懂會的人幫我解說一下Thanks!!

      ...某事有興趣) 2.I cannot describe to you________ I felt at that moment. (A)that (B)how (C)when (D)who Ans:B...

    • at on in的時間,地方用法

      ...到了學校。 ☆ 二:at表示一瞬間或短暫的時間 如:at that moment(在那一瞬間),at present(目前),at that time(那時....png ️ I used to get up at seven in the morning. 我習慣了早上七點鐘起床。 ...