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  1. at the end of

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      在...結束時, 達到 ...的最大限度
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    • 1. 在...結束時, 達到 ...的最大限度

      At the end of the term we shall have another examination. 到學期末, 我們還有一次考試。

      He was at the end of his resources. 他已山窮水盡了。


    在...結束時, 達到 ...的最大限度


    「在...結束時, 達到 ...的最大限度」的反義字

    • ph. 在錯的一頭, 不對頭

    • I don't think this is to start at the wrong end. 我認為這樣開頭並不錯。

    • ph. 到盡頭,達限度

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    • ph. 開始就錯

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    • ph. 把一切都考慮進去

    • At the end of the day the new manager is no better than the previous one. 從各個方面來看, 這位新經理並不比前任強。

    • ph. 新手遇著大難題

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    • ph. 有保留地同意

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    • ph. 【口】使某人做最困難的事(尤指其無準備的)

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    • at the end 跟 in the end 文法

      .... (in the end=到頭來=when everthing is considered) at the end of ...這裡的end是一端的意思 如at the end of the street the deep end of a ...

    • at the end 跟 in the end不同處在哪裡?

      In the endAt the end in the endat the end,其實不是可以随便...end things will mend. 船到橋頭自然直。 At the end of the story the Whites found ...

    • On the endAt the end意思和用法差別

      ...在荒野等待 的歌詞。 參閱: at the end 最後,最終 ex: If you don't study hard , you won't pass the...