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    • 幫我看看這句話哪邊有錯~

      ... been changed ,but only truth haven't. I love you that's a truth at least at the moment. be 動詞後面的動詞要用被動式changed. moment指的是比較短的時間, 所以...

    • 請問有關英文文法”關係代名詞”的問題

      ... that you do not have the style that we are looking for at the moment. 這題選that, 因為有先行詞style在那兒, 亦可填which. what是「先行詞+關代」的混合體, 沒有...

    • 簡單英文翻譯~^^~~很急

      1. At the moment, almost 5% of the workforce is unemployed and people feat that number may rise again soon. 此刻...for this job, it is a requirement that you have at least a bachelor's degree. 為了要應徵...