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    • 幾個英文克漏字問題

      1.At this moment of time, when humanity stands on ___ threshold of space and has... beyond the atmosphere.... (a) a (b... comparing the amount of wine I have with...

    • 心理學專業英文翻譯Difference Thresholds

      ... on the vertical axis as a function of the actual differences,plotted...差異則在橫軸上表示。 The difference threshold is operationally defined as the point at which the stimuli are ...

    • 請問 full scale value 是什麼意思?

      ...flow rate while the maximum value is the highest possible full scale value for the nominal flow rate. (介紹最大值和最小值) Any full scale values between these are also possible of course. 任何全尺寸(實際)數值在這大小值之間當然都是有可能的 The...