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  1. at the wrong end

    • ph.
      在錯的一頭, 不對頭
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    • 1. 在錯的一頭, 不對頭 I don't think this is to start at the wrong end. 我認為這樣開頭並不錯。
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    • at the end 跟 in the end 文法

      ...line 電話另端的那個人 at the end of one's endurance 到了忍耐的極限 to start at the wrong end at the end of the day一天結束時 2011-06-18 12:44:25 補充: 更正:He...

    • 英文句子的被動式

      ...還是以The shoes were put at the wrong place by him.(B句) 為佳。 其他例子...around a small child's body or wrist and held at the other end by an adult so that the adult can stop the child ...

    • 請問sharp end of the stick的中文?

      ... the thin edge of the wedge" or "being at the thin end of the wedge" seems to be an extrapolation from this original...or the "brown end of the stick" may follow on from "the wrong end of the stick".