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  1. at war


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    • 1. 交戰 Those two countries have been at war for a long time. 那兩個國家已交戰很久了。
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    • once的連接詞用法

      Once at war, you cannot help killing people. ----- "once"除了當連接詞...所以上句不能改為"You cannot help killing people once at war.",否則意思上會混淆成:"在戰爭中你不得不殺人一次". 上句...

    • 翻譯以下英文文句

      The two emperor were at war 兩位帝王在交戰 because they could not reach an agreement 因為他們不能達成共識 on whether to break eggs at the larger or the smaller end. 要在大的那頭還是小的那頭敲破蛋殼

    • 兩個文法英文問題

      ... present in a place即已不在當地的意思 2.The entire world is at war,and even though the Allies are doing better, the end ...