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  1. at work on sth.

    • ph.
      在工作, 忙碌於
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    • 1. 在工作, 忙碌於 The carpenters are at work on the roof now. 木匠們現在在屋頂上工作。


    在工作, 忙碌於


    「在工作, 忙碌於」的反義字

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    • 高一英文文法觀念

      ...internal”is better. Or you can replace it with “biological.”(4)work hard at/on sth. 那個at/on 在什麼時候用哪個? 還是都可以? 二句意思一樣嗎? Usually...

    • 請問一下英文的幾個基本問題 in ,插進,引進,配合 in work on work它們好像沒有這樣用,可能是前面有其它動詞吧 舉例: at work:mike has adverse at work...17:30:19 補充: 12)demand sb to do sth .是一個句型 3)of ,表示的意思是...

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      ...whenthe engineers were headed to work at a detergent factory on the grounds of the Baiji oil refinery...2006-01-26 22:43:58 補充: on the groundin the place sth is happenting and among the people who are...