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    • 請幫看purchase mail文法或句子是否有問題

      ...appreciate your time and considerations, and we hope to receive your favorable reply at your best convenience. Sincerely(or Best regards), xxxxxxx (your name/company name) 2010-08-08...

    • 麻煩幫我英翻中(不必註明單字意思

      以我們目前現有的設備, 無法達到你所要求的 (maybe 呎寸,質量等等...) 如果你希望以不同方式繼續進行 (意思是看你要不要改變你的要求/規格) 請與我聯絡

    • 請幫我看這句英文的意思還有如何回答

      1. What can you get at a convenience store? Name as many items as possible 這句就是在問說;你在便利超商可以買到什麼? 舉例! 越多越好! In convenience stores, people are able to buy a wide variety...