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    • atmosphere, atmoshperic的區別?

      ...很開心 也可解釋為大氣壓力喔 3. atmospheric 意思是 大氣的 大氣中的 例句: Atmospheric conditions are important to our earth. 翻譯: 大氣的情況對我們的地球占有重要...

    • white-out?

      ...英文名稱,但至少還有其他兩種意思~1.暫時性雪盲:white-out. An arctic atmospheric condition with clouds over snow produse a uniform whiteness and abjects are...

    • 幫忙翻譯英文~急需~!拜託拜託~極需高手幫忙阿!!!

      ...的類型室內汙染物, as they exist in both liquid and solid forms under normal atmospheric conditions. 當他們在正常大氣情況下,以液體和固態形式存在。 PM10 can be directly...