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  1. attend on


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    • 1. 照料 Jane has been attending on her sick mother for years. 珍多年來一直在照料她那有病的母親。
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    • YouAreDreamingOnYourOffice 用 "daydream" 比較好, daydream = 做白日夢 You are not attend on your office? ~ 錯 沒有這 verb form. "attend" 是 verb (base form) ...

    • I have been 這樣的英文文法對嗎?

      ...回答】 文法有錯: 1. have been attending 要改成 was attending。 2. on August 2002 to April 2003要改成 from August 2002 to ...

    • 請幫忙翻譯為英文~感恩喔!!

      ....M.請大家一定要準時參加別遲到喔!! Please make sure to attend on time.當天將有各項遊戲競賽~     On that day, there will be contest ...