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    • 訂正中翻英(試衣間)

      ...with me. I started to scream, and it only attracted more attention from the crowd.

    • 可以麻翻幫我英翻中嗎 謝謝囉~

      1.我平常不會太注重衣服的穿著所以不會去留意設計師的名子 I will not look out for the designer's name if I will not pay attention to the dress of the clothes very much usually. 2.我不追求時尚一切自然舒適...

    • <中翻英>一小段英文

      ...just started來形容會比較到位 從此之後,我每天都會注意一下車廂裡衣服的顏色。 Ever since then, I would pay special attention to the colors worn in the train on a daily basis. 不管是哪一天...