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  1. attentive

    • IPA[əˈtɛntɪv]


    • adj.
      paying close attention to something;assiduously attending to the comfort or wishes of others; very polite or courteous
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    • IPA[əˈten(t)iv]


    • adj.
      paying close attention to something: never before had she had such an attentive audience Congress should be more attentive to the interests of taxpayers

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • comprehensive & attentive 英文造句

      ...scope, area or content. 範圍廣泛的,全面的,通盤的;有理解力 attentive (a.) giving one's attention to someone or something ; mindful or...

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      ...就請您自行參酌字典了。 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** attentive(adj): 1. If you are attentive, you are paying close attention...