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  1. attractable

    • KK[əˋtræktəb!]
    • DJ[əˋtræktəbl]


    • adj.
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    • 哪個英文高手可以告訴我英文單字的變化

      ...驗查者 examination(n.)考試、檢查 examinatorial(adj.)考試的、檢查的 attract(v.)吸引: attractable(adj.)可被吸引的 attractableness(n.)可被吸引 attractive(adj.)引人注目的 attractively(adv...

    • 急!請幫我修改這段英文自傳~(贈20點)

      ....S.A. because of it's culture, for example, music sounds attractable.(可口可樂是美國文化嗎? 覺得不寫比較好 而且 應該多加一些文化代表 如果你...

    • 1021112英文造句批改

      1. The deliveryman followed the direction of GPS to drove along a road which was full of weeds by his GPS, but he seemed tensely lost tensely for fifty minutes (tensely). 2. The short engineer who did not have a girlfriend...