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  1. attractant

    • KK[əˋtræktənt]
    • DJ[əˋtræktənt]


    • n.
  2. 知識+

    • 哪個英文高手可以告訴我英文單字的變化

      ...引人注目地 attractor(n.)引起注目的人 attractability(n.)吸引性 attraction(n.)吸引 attractant(n.)引誘物(=attrahent) attractile(adj.)具有吸引力的 connect(v.)聯合、連接: connecter...

    • 英文文法訂正~英文高手請進

      (一) Some people learning English are easier than others, no matter how simple or difficult, your attitude to learn English is fatal to reach the goal, if you make up your mind to make your English (be) better...