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    • (求)翻譯一段英文

      ... vigorously trains its staff and by adapting the many attractive features of the system to suit its own situation and local context.Grameen的訓練...

    • 煩請英文高手幫我看看英文自傳

      ... , and communication's diversification is the most charming and attractive feature of this industry.(老實講這句我看不懂@@)(通信產業是人的基礎@@)(就我所知,人...

    • 英文Best of Both Worlds是什麼意思??

      ... of both worlds. (指既好吃又兼具健康的食譜) 2. the most enjoyable or attractive features of two different things. 意指兼具兩種不同事情的最好優點於一身 e.g...