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  1. audio frequency


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    • 一小段英文翻譯 工程英文 不難 很急 拜託幫個忙 20點

      ...buzzer is principally designed as a buzzer or an acoustic component in the audio-frequency range. The audio source is induced by the vibrating expansion...

    • Transmission Lines 原文翻譯..

      ...-line techniques do not need to be used at audio frequencies unless the distance is great. 雙絞線經常被使用較低頻率的傳輸線, 由於他們...

    • 有關這些英文片語~有人可以幫我翻嗎?

      receining frezuency channel selectable receining system diversity system audio output mixing input antenna input antenna output receiving sensltivity squetch sensltivity squetch system tone frequency indication channel check digital contro t/o s/n ratio harmonic distortion frequancy response...