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  1. audit report

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    • Auditing - substantive testing

      (a) Outline any queries you would raise with the audit assistant. The account payable balance at 30 Jun 2007 is $158,000...

    • 請幫忙翻譯以下條例喔~

      ...complete to drive out of nonconformance reports, be initialed by the audit units. 3:the report does not meet the item must be within 7 days to complete the corrective action...

    • 緊急~醫學原文翻譯 英翻中

      與此類似,在剖腹生產,膽囊手術和中心的中心的靜脈的導管(CVC)之後的在傷口傳染病的文學方面的預期的審計報告 -有關的血流傳染病全部是預期,瞄準的計畫鑑定危險為原素或者抗菌的疾病預防措施的價值的監視工程。 在審計和監視之間的更進一步的連接在scotland裡由外科的...