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  1. aureole

    • KK[ˋɔrɪ͵ol]
    • DJ[ˋɔ:riəul]


    • = aureola
  2. 知識+

    • 請問aureola該怎麼念呢?

      aureola其實就是aureole 也就是光環的意思 而就發音來說,以KK音標發音法,應該是以下: au...

    • 母親要我翻譯一篇乳癌的文章,可以幫我校正嗎?

      Paget's disease is a relatively rare disease which occurs more frequently on the areola and nipple (mammary Paget's disease) and much less commonly on the vulva, scrotum, or perineal and perianal areas (extramammary Paget's disease). 2006-03-30 21:20:59 補充: Paget's disease...